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Admissions and Records

Admissions and Records

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At CR, you can prepare for transfer to four-year universities or gain skills for immediate entry into a career. Complete your degree as a full-time or part-time student, keeping your academic schedule flexible to fit your life.

Hours and Location

Student Services Building
Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday 11am – 3pm

Del Norte
8:00am - 5:00pm 

9:00am - 4:00pm

Important Dates

Campus Tours

With towering redwoods across the campus and a redwood forest as a backdrop, College of the Redwoods (CR) has one of the most stunning campuses in the country. Our area is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and home to powerful rivers, lakes, and impressive wildlife. 

High School, International, Oregon Exchange, and Transfer Students

College of the Redwoods is open to any person 18 years of age or older who can benefit from the instructional curriculum of the college. No high school diploma or GED is required for those over age 18. High school graduates and holders of a Certificate of Proficiency or GED are eligible for admission even if they are younger than 18.

Course Registration Guidelines & Tips

Classes fill quickly! For best course selection, develop a Student Education Plan with your counselor and register as soon as possible!


  • All new and returning students (you have not been registered for classes for two or more semesters) are required to submit an Application for Admission as early as possible.
  • Before you register, clear any prior debts to the college at the Business Services Office. Business Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Review counseling, testing and orientation information.
  • Students are limited to registering for a maximum of 18 units during priority, open registration, and Web registration. Students must have a advisor's approval to register for more than 18 units.
  • Check to see if any courses you are enrolling in have a prerequisite. It is your responsibility to be sure you have met the prerequisite.
  • Plan a balanced schedule.
  • Classes with low enrollment may be canceled. Be sure to register early so your enrollment is counted!
  • Students currently on academic probation may need to see an advisor before registering for classes.

Some courses are graded on a letter-grade-only basis and some are graded on a Pass (P) No Pass (NP) only basis. Other courses offer students an option. To request a P/NP grade, select the "Register P/NP" option when registering for your class via WebAdvisor. If you decide to change you registration from Grade Only to P/NP after registration, you may do so up until 25% of the way through a class. Your decision is final and cannot be changed later.  Changing to P/NP is not allowed after this date. For courses less than a semester in length, check with your instructor or send an email by clicking here: P/NP question.

Information coming soon

Students may audit classes (will not receive college credit) with instructor approval by following these steps:

  • Complete an application for admission to CR.
  • Complete the prerequisites for the course.
  • Print the audit form.
  • After the second class meeting, meet with the instructor to verify that you may audit the course. If the instructor signs your audit form; return the form to Admissions & Records.
  • Pay fees of $15.00 per unit (non-refundable), and Health Fee.
  • Financial Aid (including fee waivers) does not cover audited courses.
  • Once a student signs up to audit a course, the student cannot change to receiving credit and a grade for the course or vice versa.
  • Concurrently enrolled high school students may not audit courses.

Students use WebAdvisor to register and pay for classes. Review our schedule of classes and log-in to register. It is easy, quick, and can be done from the comfort of your home. Web registration assistance is available at all College of the Redwoods campuses and instructional sites or by phone at 707-476-4160

In some instances, short-term classes may be offered that begin later in the semester. You are encouraged to register in advance.

Students on waitlists must go to the first class meeting.  Instructors will  let you know if he/she will allow you to add the class.  If the instructor chooses to add you to the class, s/he will let you know what time s/he will complete processing your add authorization.  After that time, you will be able to log onto WebAdvisor and change your registration from "Waitlisted" to "Registered. It is your responsibility to register yourself for the class using WebAdvisor.

Students may add an open class via WebAdvisor until 11:00pm the evening before the first class meeting.

If the class has already begun then it is up to the instructor to decide if s/he will take more students. You must obtain an instructor-signed add card and bring it to Admissions and Records for it to be processed.  You are not registered for the class until the add card is processed.

It is your responsibility to pay any fees, if applicable.

Payment is due upon registration. Students may contact the Business Office to arrange payment plans if necessary.

You can drop a class by the end of the second week of full term classes using WebAdvisor. On or after the census date of a full-term class, you may withdraw through the 10th week of classes. View important admissions dates for this semester.

Withdrawing after the end of the 10th week of a full-term class in a fall or Spring term requires submission of a petition with documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond your control.


The following services will be provided to students who enroll for credit at College of the Redwoods:

  • Processing applications
  • Assessment
  • Orientation and pre-orientation services
  • Counseling and advising
  • Assistance in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Post-enrollment evaluation of each student's progress
  • Referral of students to support services and/or specialized curriculum offerings

If you feel you have been denied any service to which you are entitled or if you feel that any procedures are being applied in a discriminatory manner:

  • You may file a petition with the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development.
  • A three-member panel, consisting of the Affirmative Action Officer, the Vice President of Instruction and Student Success, and an additional staff member will review your petition.
  • The panel shall meet and notify you in writing within seven working days.

Non-Payment Drop (D-Reg) is the process by which the College drops students from classes for non-payment of tuition and fees. Pay to stay! Learn more >

A Prerequisite - A course that a student must earn credit for with a minimum grade of "C" or "P" (Pass), or a condition that a student must meet, before enrolling in a subsequent course.

An Evaluation - A formal request of CR to determine which credits earned from a previously attended institution will apply toward your current Degree or Certificate Program at CR.

Fees & Payment

Tuition and Enrollment Fees are assigned according to a student's residency status and enrollment type. College of the Redwoods determines residency status and enrollment type upon receipt of the Admissions Application.

California Residents: $ 46 per unit
Non-California Residents: $341 per unit
Oregon Exchange Students: $125 per unit
International Students: $341 per unit
High School Students: $0 per unit
Audit Fee*: $15 per unit

*The Audit Fee is reserved for students requesting to audit a class in which no grade is issued.

To see the breakdown please use this link: 2023-2024 Cost of Attendance (Budget/Expenses)

The Term Fee includes the Health Fee, Associate Students of CR (ASCR) Activity and Representation Fee and Technology Fee and are charged each semester that a student enrolls in coursework.

A student may request to waive the optional ASCR Activity and Representation Fee and/or the Technology Fee by submitting the Request to Waive Optional Fees form to the Cashier prior to the start of the semester. If a student waives the ASCR Activity and Representation Fee, they are not permitted to join or participate in any student clubs or receive or participate in representation from the local and state student body.

A student may request to waive the Health Fee if that student depends exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization by submitting a signed affidavit to the Cashier prior to the start of the semester.

Health Fee: $23 per semester - Fall/Spring ($20 Summer) Eureka & Online
$9 per Semester - Fall/Spring/Summer Del Norte & Klamath-Trinity
ASCR Fees: $10 per semester - Fall/Spring/Summer All Campuses
Technology Fee: $10 per semester - Fall/Spring/Summer All Campuses

Certain courses have an associated Instructional Materials Fee because some of the required materials are provided to the student. The fee varies depending on the course.


Parking on the Eureka campus is by permit only. Parking at all other instructional locations is currently free. Parking enforcement is handled through the Public Safety Department.
Daily Permits can be purchased at one of the kiosks located throughout the parking lots at the Eureka campus.
Semester, Annual and Summer Session Permits can be purchased online through Note, students are required to use their Email address when purchasing a parking permit.

  Automobile/Truck Parking Permit Motorcycle Parking Permit
One day rate $2 $2
Semester $53
Summer term $18 $11
Annual $80 $40
Replacement Permits $8 $8

*If an Automobile/Truck Permit is purchased, and a motorcycle is the individual's second vehicle, a second permit will be issued at no additional charge.


  • Official transcripts can be ordered via WebAdvisor or through the Transcript Ordering Service. The first two transcript requests are free. Each additional transcript request is $8.00.
  • "Rush" transcript requests are $15.00 and are processed and mailed within 48 hours of receipt of payment.
  • Students risk being dropped from their courses due to non-payment prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters. For additional information, please see our Drop for Non-payment webpage.
  • Students with unpaid debt to College of the Redwoods are prohibited from receiving or sending official transcripts, Degrees or certificates will not be awarded, grades will not be released, and registration will not be processed.
  • Student accounts with unpaid debt to College of the Redwoods become delinquent after 120 days and are subject to the account collections process.
  • Tuition and Enrollment Fees will only be refunded if the student drops the full-semester length class by the Friday of the end of the second week of the Fall or Spring Semester. Refund deadlines for summer classes vary by class length. The Student Services Fee will not be refunded after the semester begins.
  • Students must request their refund from the Cashier's Office at (707) 476-4126.
  • A refund processing fee of $10.00 may be deducted before the refund is issued.

Payment Options
Students can make payments online via their WebAdvisor account. Payments can be made in full or payments can be deducted monthly by entering into the NBS Payment Plan.

Financial Aid Programs & Services:

  • Students may use their financial aid awards to help pay for the costs of attending College of the Redwoods. Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of award.
Certificate & Degree Verification

College of the Redwoods is proud to partner with the National Student Clearinghouse in order to provide students with a simple and straightforward Certificate and Degree verification process.

Utilizing the National Student Clearinghouse's secure online ordering service, students can request a Certificate or Degree verification in addition to verification of their current enrollment and dates of attendance.


College of the Redwoods is pleased to partner with Credentials Solutions in order to provide students with a simple and straightforward official transcript ordering process. All official transcript requests are processed electronically through Credentials Solutions secure Transcript Order Processing Services.

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